Guiding Principle
ANGEL JAPAN, Ltd. (the “Company”) conducts business activities under the philosophy of “making everyone involved happy.”
Our customers’ information and other information assets that the Company handles in its business are of critical importance as the Company’s business foundation.
All persons handling information assets, including the officers and employees who recognize the importance of protecting information assets from the risk of leaking, destruction, or loss, will abide by this Policy and practice activities to maintain information security such as the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information assets.


Basic Policy
1. To protect information assets, the Company establishes this Information Security Policy, as well as related rules and regulations, and will execute business activities in accordance with the Policy, rules, and regulations. The Company will also comply with the laws, regulations, and other rules for information security, as well as contractual agreements with customers.


2. The Company will clarify the standards for analyzing and assessing risks of leaking, destruction, and loss that exist for information assets, establish a systematic risk assessment method, and regularly perform risk assessment. Furthermore, based on the results of such risk analysis and assessment, the Company will take necessary and appropriate security measures.


3. The Company will, with the responsible officer at the core, establish an information security system and clarify the authorities and responsibilities concerning information security. In order to ensure that all employees recognize the importance of information security and properly handle information assets, the Company will regularly provide education, training, and awareness opportunities.


4. The Company will regularly conduct inspections and audits to verify the compliance with the Information Security Policy and the handling of information assets, and for any problems or points needing improvement discovered, promptly take corrective action.


5. The Company will take appropriate measures for information security events and incidents, and in preparation of any occurrence thereof, establish response procedures in advance to minimize damage. In the event of such occurrence, the Company will take quick action and also implement appropriate corrective measures. Particularly for incidents that involve business interruption, the Company will establish a framework for managing such incidents and regularly review the framework to ensure the Company’s business continuity.


6. The Company will establish an information security management system with set targets to achieve the guiding principle, and execute this system while continuously reviewing and improving this system.


Established on July 1, 2020
Tetsuya Motomura, Representative Director



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